Appraising luxury assets is the process used to establish the value of items that might be sold or used as security for an asset-backed loan, such as high-end watches, luxury jewelry, designer handbags, loose diamonds, and even precious metals. It is essential to acquire the highest offer for your assets, and Qollateral, the nation’s leading secured lender, is here to help you understand the appraisal process with this comprehensive guide.

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Understanding the Appraisal Process

Qollateral accepts a broad range of luxury assets as collateral for short-term loans, including luxury watches, designer handbags, high-end jewelry, white and colored diamonds, gemstones (including rubies, emeralds, and sapphires), precious metals, numismatics, and other valuable collectibles. If an item is particularly rare or has provenance, meaning it has a verified ownership history or accompanying documents/artifacts, it can command more on the secondary market than similar items. How well-known the brand is, market fluctuations, and the item's condition can also impact the appraisal's outcome. Ultimately, the purpose of an appraisal is to secure the highest loan amount possible.

Qollateral appraisers are familiar with every luxury brand. Below are a few of the most common:



Patek Philippe


Audemars Piguet

Richard Mille


Tiffany & Co.


Appraising Assets: Step-by-Step

An important step when selling or loaning against luxury assets is to obtain an accurate appraisal, which can be done online or in person through Qollateral. When booking the appointment, it is helpful to provide as much information as you can about the luxury item, such as the material, condition, when and where it was purchased, quality images, and any receipts or paperwork that can be used to prove the item’s authenticity. For in-person appointments, the asset will be appraised then and there. Otherwise, Qollateral will provide the customer with a prepaid shipping label to send the item in for an appraisal. If you decide not to use your assets to guarantee a loan, they will be returned to you securely, no questions asked.

During the assessment, a skilled Qollateral appraiser with an intimate knowledge of the luxury market will examine the item to determine its value. Depending on the type of asset, they will consider different factors:

Watches: Brand, model, reference number, material, condition, and original box and papers.

Jewelry: Brand, gemstones, metal composition, weight, and designs.

Handbags: Brand, material, stitching, dustbag, and condition.

Tableware and Flatware: Brand, material, quality, and rarity.

Loose diamonds and gemstones: Cut, clarity, and color.

Precious Metals: Purity and weight.

The appraiser will then utilize various appraisal methods to prepare the most accurate asset valuation, including thoroughly researching historical pricing data and market trends, how much similar items have sold for in the past and are selling for now, and how in-demand the item is. They might also reference professional databases and connections within the industry to prepare the best and highest quote for the customer.

Appraisal Techniques and Tools

The appraiser might use different tools to examine assets accurately. For example, during the jewelry appraisal process, they might use a gauge to measure the diameter or depth of loose gemstones or a loupe to inspect smaller details not easily visible to the naked eye. A loupe is also helpful for watch appraisal as it magnifies minute details on the bezel or watch face that might affect its value.

Whether it be a watch, handbag, or jewelry appraisal, all appraisal methods involve luxury brand authentication, which is the process of ruling out counterfeit items. It requires an experienced appraiser with a sharp eye for detail and a thorough understanding of luxury brands to authenticate assets properly. During this assessment, they might look for standard features associated with genuine luxury items, such as the color and type of stitching of a designer handbag or the font and location of a watch logo. In addition to examining the item, the appraiser will also reference the serial number and any accompanying paperwork, such as the original invoice or receipt, to authenticate the item.

Choosing a lending firm you can trust is imperative to receiving the most accurate appraisal and, as a result, the highest offer. Qollateral is the nation’s leading luxury asset lender, providing secure and straightforward services to help customers turn valuable assets into instant liquidity by selling them or using them as security for short-term loans. Ready to get started on the appraisal process? The Qollateral team is on hand to discuss your options with you today.

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