At Qollateral, we want to change the way our clients—and why not think bigger, the world—think about pawning. The word “pawn” should have a positive connotation. Pawning your assets is one of the smartest ways to increase your cash flow fast, with no lengthy application process or credit checks, and without having to sell.

Why not leverage the value of your assets, especially those you have stored away, such as luxury watches, jewelry, and designer handbags you don’t wear often? Your funds will be available same-day, and you can come pick up your items whenever you’re ready.

Maybe pawning got its questionable reputation from pawn shops, which admittedly can be pretty seedy places. Qollateral is not your average pawn shop; in fact, we couldn’t be more different. We’re NYC’s best pawn shop, and we don’t take our title lightly.

Here’s why Qollateral is the best pawn shop in NYC.

1. Security is our top priority.

We consider security the foundation of our business. We handle extremely valuable, sentimental, and sometimes irreplaceable items, so protecting them is crucial. Every item is stored in our state-of-the art maximum security vaults and fully insured by Lloyds of London. Our offices are impenetrable—unless, of course, you have booked an appointment with us—located in the highest security building in Manhattan, the International Gem Tower.

2. Your visit is completely confidential.

What happens at Qollateral stays at Qollateral. You deserve privacy and discretion. We will not disclose your identity, and we make it simple to get in and out of our offices like you were never even there. We do not need to know anything about your financial situation, like a bank would, because a collateral loan is based uniquely on the value of your asset, not your ability to pay. No credit checks, no bank statements. Just cash in your hands.

3. We do business with integrity.

Our team is here to support you all the way. There’s never any pressure to accept an offer. Our appraisers will provide you with an accurate estimate of the value of your asset(s) and answer any questions you may have. We promise a fair offer every time. Feel free to think it over, or even change your mind completely. We want you to make the decision that works best for you.

4. We make things as simple as possible.

The beauty of a collateral loan is its simplicity. All the paperwork, credit checks, payment schedules, and general headaches that come with personal or business loans do not apply here. We’ll appraise your asset over a cappuccino or glass of champagne, and if you’re ready to accept our offer, you’ll sign a brief, straightforward contract and be on your way with cash in your hands (or in your bank account if you prefer). It couldn’t be easier or faster.

5. You get paid the same day.

We provide instant cash payments or same-day bank wire transfer payments. No other kind of loan is as fast as a collateral loan, and you can pay it back whenever you’re ready, knowing your asset is beyond safe in our offices.

6. We are humans first, business partners second.

While it makes financial sense in many cases, we understand that parting with assets, even temporarily, isn’t always easy. This is why we insist on making the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. It’s why every single team member is warm, welcoming, and discrete. Most of us have cash flow issues at some point. We want to take the shame out of pawning and redefine it as it should be: a really smart financial move when you’re in a temporary cash shortage.

7. We are conveniently located for our tri-state clients.

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan just steps away from Grand Central and Penn Station, we are easily accessible by train, subway, and car. The Port Authority is also nearby if you’re a bus person (we said we wouldn’t judge and we meant it).

Have you ever seen a pawn shop that checks all of those boxes?

We haven’t, so we created it ourselves. Welcome to the best pawn shop in NYC, Qollateral.

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