Luxury watches are some of the most frequent assets our clients borrow against at Qollateral. It's a smart move: luxury watches are easily used to secure a collateral loan for an immediate cash infusion without the need to sell, and it's all completely confidential.

Here are some scenarios where borrowing against a luxury watch for a collateral loan can be an ideal solution:


You've gotten a margin call triggered on your trading account. Rather than liquidating your remaining securities to meet the balance margin requirement, you can secure a same-day cash loan against your luxury watch to satisfy the margin requirements and wire the funds to the brokerage company on the same day.


Your cash is tied up in cryptocurrency. While the crypto market slowly corrects itself upwards from the recent lows, you can get the cash liquidity you need now by pledging your luxury watch that you can temporarily live without.


You invest in real estate, buying, renovating, and selling homes, and you find yourself short on five figures of cash to close on a deal. Obtaining a quick cash loan from the bank is not possible due to the many onerous steps and paperwork, which could result in losing out on a deal to a competitor. You're able to get a five-figure cash loan against your rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus in a matter of one hour.


You're facing a dispute with the IRS and have had your bank accounts frozen until the tax audit investigation is complete. You get an instant cash collateral loan at Qollateral against your luxury watches and are able to pay your bills comfortably until the situation with the IRS is sorted and your funds are available.


You're a restaurant owner and you need to pay your staff at the end of the week, but you've come up short on payroll funds. You pledge your luxury watch for a five-figure loan. The staff gets paid, and your luxury watch is picked up within a month as soon as the funds are available.


You have a deal closing 3-4 months from now but need cash today to keep you operational. Instead of selling your asset, you borrow against your luxury watch and retain ownership. Once the deal closes, you come back and pick it up.

In other words, your luxury watch is a powerful player in ensuring you always have cash when you need it. That's part of what makes luxury watches such great investments.

Our Top 3 Luxury Watch Brands for Collateral Loans

A good rule of thumb is that luxury watches that have the best resale value will have the best potential as collateral should you ever want to borrow against it. Three luxury watch brands that we work with often at Qollateral and hold their value very well are:




Audemars Piguet


Patek Philippe

We also accept watches from the following high-end brands frequently:

Richard Mille

Jacob & Co

Vacheron Constantin






A. Lange & Söhne

Jaeger Le-Coultre


This list can be especially helpful if you are considering investing in a luxury watch or if you collect luxury watches. This is not a definitive list of the luxury watches we accept as collateral, so we recommend reaching out if you don't see your watch on this list. These are simply some “safe bets”.

A Quick Guide to Securing a Luxury Watch Collateral Loan at Qollateral

If you're considering a borrowing against a luxury watch at Qollateral, the first step is to book an appointment. For privacy and security reasons, all visits to our offices are by appointment only.

You'll meet one of our friendly staff members to get an instant estimate with absolutely no commitment or pressure. If you accept our offer, we'll each sign a contract outlining the loan terms in a way that's clear, concise, and easy to understand.

As much as we enjoy our time with you, we'll send you on your way without taking too much of your time, and we'll have the payment to you in cash or via bank transfer within hours of your appointment. We've designed our client experience to be as seamless and simple as possible.

Beyond using your luxury watch as collateral, you may want to consider borrowing against your jewelry, or any of the assets listed here. We hope that we can be a trusted partner in helping you achieve your financial goals.

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