Luxury Jewelry Loans
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Secure funding fast with same-day luxury jewelry loans. Discreet, personalized service that helps you get the most for your luxury assets – no credit checks, no hassle, no-obligation appraisals: just honest, white-glove service that connects you with the funding you need. Call or text us today to discuss convenient jewelry collateral loans. 

Your One-Stop Lender & Jewelry Buyer.

There’s no need to sit on your luxury assets. Turn your jewelry into cash or use it to secure a high-value loan with Qollateral. Our seamless buying and collateral loan processes provide you with a simple solution for fine jewelry pieces—with insurance-backed asset protection so that you know your jewelry will stay safe until you’re ready to have it returned to you.

Loans on Jewelry.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest possible valuations on your luxury assets. When you bring in your jewelry for a collateral loan, you’ll meet with our experienced team for a private consultation that provides you with the true value of your piece. If you choose to accept that amount, we’ll fund your loan right then and there, ensuring that you walk out the door with the exact amount that your jewelry is really worth.

Sell My Jewelry - Why Choose Qollateral?

We’ve made it our mission to be the industry’s leading jewelry buyer, with best practices that go above and beyond for our exclusive clientele. With collateral loans through Qollateral, you get maximum-value appraisals backed by our commitment to integrity, plus fast and easy funding so you can pursue whatever’s next.

Proudly offering the highest value collateral loans to clients in NYC and across the nation

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Turn Your Luxury Assets Into Cash

You own it, now make the most of it. Enjoy hassle-free financing on collateral loans for a wide range of luxury assets, and get the cash you’re looking for without stepping foot in a bank.

Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with our team.

We’ll perform a thorough valuation on the spot, with no pressure, no obligation, and no hoops to jump through if you’re ready to move forward with your collateral loan.