Cash is tight, and you’re considering borrowing against your luxury watch in NYC. One of the first things you’re wondering is going to be “is it safe?” Will you and your luxury watch be safe during your visit, will your watch be safe throughout the length of your asset loan, and when you’ve returned to collect your luxury watch, how can you be sure it’s the same authentic watch you’ve dropped off? Pawnshops have a bit of a reputation, but we’re not your average pawnshop.

At Qollateral, we’ve completely reinvented the pawnshop. Ours is the best pawnshop in NYC for a reason, and possibly the top reason is that security is our number one priority.

Here’s how our security standards make it incredibly safe to borrow against your luxury watch in NYC:


Our visits are by appointment only. Nobody comes in or out of our offices without an appointment for security reasons.


Our offices are located in the highest security building in Manhattan. We are located in the International Gem Tower, which is also home to the Gemological Institute of America.


Our vaults are state of the art. Using the latest in security technology, our vaults are impenetrable. Your assets are, without a doubt, safer in our offices than anywhere else in NYC.


Everything is completely confidential. From our first phone call to the time you come back to pick up your luxury watch, what happens at Qollateral stays at Qollateral, like it never even happened.


Your items will be returned to you exactly as you left them. We’ve built a business that is based on trust, and we are not willing to compromise deceiving a single client ever. It’s not in our nature, and it’s certainly not in our best interest. Still, it’s normal for our clients to want to check for themselves, so we’ve also shared a few tips to check that your watch is authentic and completely unchanged.

How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch

How can you be sure that the luxury watch you’ve borrowed against has not been replaced with a counterfeit? Here are some of the top tips from our team of industry experts on how to spot a fake luxury watch.


First, check the serial number. It should be the same on the case and the bracelet. You’ll also want to Google the serial number to make sure there is no duplicate online.


Weigh the watch before and after. Changes in the weight of your luxury watch are one of the easiest signs to spot when there’s been foul play.


Document your watch heavily beforehand, with both written notes and photos. Photos are great, but they’re not enough because depending on the quality of the image and the lighting, some flaws or wear can be missed. Be as thorough as possible in noting every detail before borrowing against your luxury watch so that you have a good basis of comparison.


Check all writing and engraving on the watch. The fonts and logo should be consistent with your watch model. If you haven’t taken pictures before dropping off your watch, you can google the images of your model, but just be careful to make sure the images are directly from the brand or a reputable retailer, not a third party seller, as their photos may not be of the authentic watch.


Pay attention to the coloring of your watch. If parts have been swapped out, sometimes a slight mismatch is all it takes to spot.


Examine features. Check the hands, dial, and any signature features of the watch such as gems or moon phases.


Inspect paperwork. Don’t forget to also inspect the certificate of authenticity and any accompanying documentation, as well as any packaging. These help maximize the value of your luxury watch, so you’ll want to make sure everything is authentic and undamaged.

We can guarantee that you won’t need any of the above tips when you’re trusting us with your luxury watch, but it still gives great peace of mind to know how to spot a fake luxury watch. Let’s say you want to check it after sending it in for regular maintenance, for example, or even after lending it to a friend or family member.

In sum, we can safely say (pun intended) that borrowing against your luxury watch at Qollateral is as safe as you can get. We can’t speak for the others, but we don’t think we need to.

Our white-glove service, absolute discretion, and instant cash payments speak for themselves. To book an appointment for a no-pressure cash loan offer, give us a call or drop us a line here.

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