When you’ve invested in a luxury handbag, maybe a Chanel 2.55 or an Hermès Birkin, you want to make sure it lasts. To keep your new designer handbag looking new for as long as possible, regular maintenance and good habits are essential. But did you know that caring for your handbag is also a wise financial decision?

With a little bit of care, you’ll ensure that your handbag retains its maximum value, which will be important in the future should you ever wish to sell your designer handbag. While it may be a timeless classic or an heirloom quality piece, after many years of wear, it’s entirely possible you’ll tire of it or will prefer to invest in another design.

Even if you do love and keep it for the rest of your life, your luxury handbag is actually a wonderful asset to have should you ever find yourself short on cash. You can borrow against your luxury handbag for a loan. You can get a same-day cash payment, completely confidentially and with no credit checks, and pick up your beloved handbag whenever you’re ready. Caring for your luxury handbag now gives you more financial freedom in the future.

Our Top 10 Tips on Caring for Your Luxury Handbag


After every use, wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to do the inside liner as well, as dust and other debris can accumulate in the seams, and it is harder to remove once they’ve settled in the seams.


Store your handbag in its designated dust bag. It’s included with your designer handbag for a reason. This will not only keep dust away, but it will also prevent discoloration and any scuffs that may appear on your handbag from moving it around on a shelf. Never hang your handbag up on a hook. This wears out the strap and joints of your handbag, and depending on its shape, it can deform the handbag.


Do not carry heavy articles in your luxury handbag. Just because it can fit inside doesn’t mean it can be carried inside. Heavy items contribute to stretching and wear of leather, and they can put strain on the straps and joints of your handbag.


Do not overstuff your handbag, even if the items are not heavy. This can also deform the shape or stretch your handbag over time.


Always close your handbag properly. Does your luxury handbag have a zip or snap? We know it can be tempting to leave your bag open when you’re constantly pulling out your wallet while running errands or you’re just running out quickly and will need your keys in a minute, but it’s really important to close each closure. This helps your handbag retain its shape, and it also helps keep out dust and debris.


Never carry liquids, food, or makeup products. If you need to carry any of the above, use a pouch. Do not be tempted to carry a water bottle in your designer handbag. Accidents happen.


Treat any stains or spills immediately. For liquids, blot gently with a soft, absorbent cloth. Microfiber is a great option, and if you have the space, we suggest carrying a small one with you at all times for emergencies. How you treat stains will depend on the handbag’s material, and it can be quite complicated, as different types of leather and dyes require different solutions. We’ve seen some wild tips, from toothpaste to baby wipes to cornstarch. We highly recommend skipping this kind of experimentation and heading directly to a leather specialist. The last thing you want to do is make your stain worse.


Never place your handbag on the floor at a restaurant. If there is not an empty seat to place it on, your best bet is to put it between you and the backrest.


Watch out for color transfer. Wearing dark indigo jeans? Opt for another handbag, or wear a jacket as a protective layer between the jeans and your designer handbag


Take it to a handbag spa or leather specialist for regular conditioning and maintenance. It’s worth bringing your prized designer handbag for a little TLC every year to keep it looking pristine. They can also advise you on whether or not a protective spray would be appropriate for your handbag.


We hope this helps you keep your luxury designer handbag looking its best so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

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