Taking the time to understand the value of the watches you own is a smart move. However, if you plan to sell or borrow against your watches, that knowledge is important to have on hand if you want to secure the highest offers possible. Qollateral is dedicated to helping our customers make the most of their valuable assets. That’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know to determine how much your watch is worth in this straightforward guide.

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Things You Should Know About Your Watch

Below is an overview of the information you should know about luxury watches to determine their value. Any reputable lender or buyer will consider these factors during the appraisal process

The Brand of Your Luxury Watch


Reference Number

Serial Number

Production Year or Approximate Age


Service History

Original Box and Papers

Watch Brand, Model, Reference Number, Serial Number, and Age

Watch appraisal starts with the basics. What is the brand? From there, which model is the watch, and what are its reference and serial numbers? Some brands command a considerable premium on the secondary market; from there, rare or particularly desirable models the brand offers might be more valuable than others. For example, a stainless steel Daytona might trade hands for the same price as a solid gold Datejust. A firm understanding of your exact watch and its desirability will help you successfully liquidate or borrow against it for the highest price possible, which could be the difference between thousands of dollars.

Depending on the brand, the serial and reference numbers are usually engraved somewhere on the case, although some might be harder to find without first removing the bracelet. If you have trouble finding it, an experienced watchmaker can assist you. Once you have determined this information, you can research your watch online to see how old it is and how much comparable watches are selling for. Some brands provide watch archives upon request that can help you uncover more information about your watch based on the serial number. If not, there is a wealth of information online and in many watch-collecting forums.

Original Box and Papers

Many collectors keep the original box and papers that came with the watch, which may include user manuals, sales receipts, and even retail packaging. In that case, it is easy to determine the brand, model, reference number, serial number, and age of the watch. These items also hold immense value for some collectors and, more often than not, increase the overall value of your watch.

Condition and Service History

The condition of your watch is one of the most important factors to consider when determining its value. While some normal wear and tear can potentially add to a timepiece’s charm, provenance, and value, significant damage, particularly to the movement within, can make it incredibly difficult to resell for the same price as comparable models on the secondary market.

Properly servicing and caring for your watch can help preserve its value. At the same time, many companies will replace some parts during servicing, such as the dial or bezel insert, which can ultimately affect the watch’s overall value if those parts are rare. It’s a delicate balance between caring for your watch and keeping its original parts intact.

The Best Way to Liquidize Luxury Watches

One of the most common ways customers monetize their watches is by selling them. However, for many, watches hold immense sentimental value. They might be family heirlooms, special milestone gifts from a loved one, or a highly sought-after model they aren’t quite ready to part with. Did you know you can also take a loan out on your watch? It works by pledging your watch as collateral for a short-term loan, during which the watch will be stored in Qollateral’s high-tech vaults within the International Gem Tower. It is an excellent alternative to selling because you will retain ownership of the watch throughout the loan terms

How to use your watch as collateral.

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