Are you ready to unlock the power of your engagement ring to secure a loan and increase your cash flow fast? We’re here to help. At Qollateral, we provide safe and confidential engagement ring loans. We understand just how important sentimental jewelry can be, which is why we provide the highest offers in the business and safely store all assets in high-tech vaults insured by Lloyds of London. Learn how to securely sell or borrow against valuable jewelry and turn it into cash as soon as today.

Why Qollateral Provides the Highest-Value Engagement Ring Loans

Unlike other providers with a black-and-white approach to lending, Qollateral considers every customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis. With personal, human-to-human interactions, we can fully assess the circumstances of the loan and gauge how likely a customer is to return for their asset. This approach to lending allows us to provide the highest offers in the business on assets such as engagement rings, loose diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, precious metals, and much more.

What is a Luxury Collateral Loan?

Asset-backed loans are becoming increasingly popular because they are a low-risk and secure alternative to bank loans and credit card cash advances, and Qollateral is one of the industry’s most trusted providers.

Furthermore, luxury asset-based loans, such as engagement or wedding ring loans, are a quick way to turn valuable assets into cash, no questions asked. There is no need to run lengthy credit checks, fill out endless paperwork, or provide income verification. Simply use your engagement ring as collateral for a secured loan, and your sentimental jewelry will be returned to you once the balance is paid. It does not affect your credit score and is a discreet and easy way to take advantage of the value of your engagement rings.

How Does a Loan Against Diamond Rings Work?

The process is simple. Book an appointment to find out how much your engagement ring is worth. A team of skilled appraisers will evaluate your ring to determine a fair and competitive offer. If you decide to take out a loan against your jewelry through Qollateral, we will provide a clear and easy-to-understand contract followed by payment as soon as the same day via bank wire, check, or cash.

Your engagement ring will be stored in our vault in one of the country's most secure buildings - the International Gem Tower in New York City’s Diamond District. Enjoy a quick and easy loan backed by a luxury asset. In the meantime, we will look after your ring as if it were our own valuable jewelry until your loan is paid

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Why Should I Take a Loan Against My Engagement Ring?

First and foremost, diamonds hold immense value, which you can use to benefit your life in many ways.

Make the most of your capital.

Whether you wear your engagement ring often or store it in your jewelry box, it holds more value than you might realize. Put that potential value to good use to better serve your life by using it to secure a loan. When you’re ready to pay off your loan, your ring will be waiting for you in our safe facility, which is insured by Lloyds of London.

It’s quick and easy.

Borrowing against any luxury item, including engagement rings, is much quicker than traditional loans because we don’t require tedious financial reviews or credit checks. And while using your engagement ring as collateral to secure a loan can be a very efficient process (we can have you in and out the door in about an hour), there is absolutely no pressure to accept our offer on the spot. We welcome any answers you might have and encourage you to consider all your options.

Flexible repayment plan.

Unlike bank loans or credit card cash advances, loans secured by luxury assets do not have a fixed payment schedule. Simply pay your balance when you can in exchange for your engagement ring.

Qollateral isn’t your average pawn shop.

Do you need cash fast for a quick investment or to supplement another loan? Qollateral offers the convenience of same-day payments at traditional pawn shops but with the added security and white-glove service of a 5-star establishment located in the heart of the world-renowned Diamond District and licensed by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Our staff is attentive and knowledgeable, eliminating the need to haggle or settle for an unfair price.

We know how much your engagement ring means to you. Borrow against it confidently when you choose Qollateral, New York City’s most trusted loan provider.

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