If you’re interested in learning about Tiffany jewelry loans, this article is for you. Renowned luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. is recognizable worldwide for its timeless, trend-setting designs and, of course, those iconic little blue boxes tied neatly with white satin bows. Like many Americans, you probably own valuable precious metal or diamond jewelry from the legendary design house and might be wondering how to use them as collateral to secure immediate funding. At Qollateral, we are dedicated to helping our customers monetize Tiffany & Co. jewelry to serve them best. Read on, or book a free, no-obligation quote to get started.

Tiffany & Co. – A Valuable, Time-Honored Brand

Tiffany & Co. comes from relatively humble beginnings as an emporium of “fancy goods” established in the late 1830s. Today, the luxury giant has a market cap of over $16 billion and over 300 locations scattered around the globe. It boasts incredible brand recognition, helped in part by its illustrious history spanning nearly two centuries, countless pop culture references (most famously the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and ingenious marketing tactics. Tiffany & Co. famously purchased several pieces from an auction, doling out the legendary French Crown Jewels, just one of many clever moves that helped make the brand the household name it is today. Simply put, Tiffany & Co. has incredible provenance and strong resale value. There is a good chance you qualify for a secured jewelry loan right now with the pieces in your jewelry box.

Furthermore, Tiffany & Co. is all about premium quality. From the diamonds used in their iconic prong “Tiffany Setting” engagement rings to the 92% pure silver used in some of their most iconic pieces, the brand uses only the finest precious metals and gems available on the market. It also employs only the most skilled jewelry makers in the business. Tiffany & Co. Jewelry is expensive because it is among the finest in the world.

What Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Does Qollateral Accept?

The Tiffany portfolio includes a variety of fine goods, from luxury fragrances to diamond rings and high-end wristwatches. Below is just a brief example of the jewelry we accept at Qollateral. Please contact us directly if you do not see your item in the list below to confirm that it qualifies as collateral for a secured loan.

Tiffany Keys Collection

Gold Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Collection

Elsa Peretti ® Tiffany Collection

Tiffany Lock Collection

Tiffany HardWear Collection

Tiffany Victoria ® Collection

Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. ™ Collection

How Do You Borrow Money Against Jewelry Using Tiffany & Co. Items?

Qollateral has streamlined the loan process to be as straightforward and efficient as possible. It’s also important to note that we serve customers nationwide and provide virtual and in-person consultations through our New York Offices in the International Gem Tower. That’s what makes us a go-to choice for anyone searching for “high-end jewelry loans near me” – wherever in the USA you are. The loan process starts when you fill out our online form. In-person consultations will take place with an experienced jewelry appraiser right here in NYC. We will provide online customers with a pre-paid and fully insured shipping label to send their items to us for an appraisal. Learn more about what to expect during the appraisal process here, or call us to discuss jewelry loans for bad credit or any other concern you may have related to asset-backed loans.

At that time, the customer will receive a loan offer based on the item's worth. If they choose to move forward with a Qollateral loan, all that’s left to do is sign the loan agreement - funds will be provided immediately. Throughout the loan term, your Tiffany jewelry will be stored in our state-of-the-art vault within the impenetrable International Gem Tower.

Ready to part with your jewelry instead? Qollateral is a reliable place to sell Tiffany & Co. jewelry, and the process is similar to our asset-backed short-term loans.

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